Nail Care

Nail Care

Gel Nail polish - High fashion gel colours that stay on for over 2 weeks without chipping, peeling or wearing.

IBD Gel Polish is a semi–permanent color application that can be used over any artificial nail surface.All colours have a high gloss shine and are perfect over natural nails, overlays and pedicures.

One Coat Application
High Gloss Shine
Easy to Remove
Perfect for Pedicure
Use on Natural Nails, Gels & Acrylics
Lasts up to 2 Weeks or more

Acrylic Nails
Using only Creative nail products to promote healthy natural looking nails, we do not use drills but rely solely on the skill and expertise of our technicians. Our acrylic nails do not damage or weaken the natural nail and will not discolour.

Natural or designed looking nails for your hands.

It is a fact that most of us simply do not have the kind of nails we would like. This could be for a number of reasons including weak, brittle or bitten nails. These problems can be solved with nail enhancements which will leave your nails looking beautiful and natural.

If you are still not sure: we will apply one nail for free.

Hard Gel Nails
One of the most popular types of nail enhancements is hard gel. It is also known as traditional gel.

Hard gel is mostly used to add length to nails. It can be filed to any shape you prefer - anything from Cardi B's super pointy stilettos to a more modest oval shape.

Compared to other types of gels, hard gel is the strongest. It can withstand a lot of everyday wear and tear, and acts as a protective barrier for the natural nail.

These nails will usually last about 3-4 weeks with proper care. If you notice that the nail has started lifting, do not pick it off yourself.

Nails - Swarovski Crystal Pedi
The ultimate glamour treatment for feet, our Swarovski crystal pedicure consists of an amazing 100-150 Swarovski crystals individually attached to the toenails!

With a choice of colours and styles, each pedicure takes around 1 hour.

Sparkle crystal pedicure is perfect for weddings, holidays, parties or just to make your feet feel special. We promise anyone who sees them will be in awe of them!

Nail Care